Winter on the Farm - January 2014

Welcome, 2014. Welcome, dark and snowy winter days.

It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since we’ve updated the website, and for that we beg forgiveness – late summer was a whirlwind season of blistering hot days, an epic tomato hornworm battle, harvest after harvest after harvest of fresh food, busy markets, new jobs, and little sleep. Not an excuse though; in 2014 we vow to update the website frequently and enthusiastically.

After a challenging and a rewarding summer that saw our expansion into a second field and our attendance at City Seed’s Edgewood Market, the season’s end snuck up on us. Before we knew it we were covering the arugula, planting the winter greens, pulling up the dead tomatoes, and watching the fall storms roll in. Then, seemingly all of a sudden, we were mulching the garlic and drying peppers in anticipation of the imminent first frost. Caitlin, for her part, spent the entire fall season feverishly canning and freezing veggies, with a disproportionate preference for hot sauces and relishes. Aaron didn’t stop moving even once until November, when he finally finished his superhuman feat of working both at Darling and at Massaro, which he’s been doing for two whole seasons now. The cold nights then fell, and we built a fire, put on slippers, and rested.

Which is all to say: we’re happy to report that the 2013 season was a success here at Darling Farm and we’re already looking forward to some major changes for 2014 season, including bringing on a third farmer (our wonderful friend, the impossibly knowledgeable, effective, and gung-ho Rachel Berg), expanding to a few more fields in our neighborhood, experimenting with growing flowers, and attending a second market. Aaron has been tirelessly analyzing last year’s numbers, and crop planning has begun for next season.

Check back in March for our spring schedule, but in the meantime enjoy the restful winter season. Summer will be here before we know it.