We believe in a model of small-scale agriculture that emphasizes personal relationships between farmer and consumer and minimizes reliance on chemical and mechanical shortcuts. We believe that this type of farming is the most complete way to promote our own health as farmers, the health of our customers, the health of our community, the health of the soil, and health of the planet. We strive for a world with more numerous small farms in place of the ever-increasingly consolidated farms of agri-business, and as such we believe in sharing knowledge, skills, and resources with the other farmers in our community and in deemphasizing competitive economics.

We are Certified Organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers, which means that all of our produce is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We work to enhance and maintain the health of the soil through practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping and composting. We do not use any chemicals or additives after harvest and we strive to maintain the highest possible standard of freshness and quality in everything we sell.

While we believe strongly in the requirements of the National Organic Program and in the level of accountability that is imposed by the oversight of our certifiers, there are philosophical elements of our business practices that go beyond what is contained in the NOP. As a result, we have also signed the CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge, which speaks to some of these practices. The Pledge includes commitments to "Support agricultural markets and infrastructure that enable small farms to thrive," "Reduce the ecological footprint of farms and homes," "Sell produce locally and regionally," and to "Work in cooperation with other farmers and with the neighboring community." To read a full copy of the CT NOFA Farmer’s Pledge, please click here.