Spring 2013 - May 5, 2013

After a restful winter, and a long, cold spring that really dug in its heels and refused to leave us these last few weeks, we can now safely say: it's farm season; and, we're back!!

Spring has brought many exciting developments to the farm and we're accelerating into the growing season with optimism and joy, feeling ready. The first major announcement is that we've joined a new market - the CitySeed market at Edgewood Park on Sunday mornings from 10 am - 2 pm. Our first market was yesterday, and we're happy to report that we sold out - the fresh young greens and ramps were a hit and the market scene is vibrant and exciting

The other major development is that we've significantly expanded our growing area from last season! There's a field just south of our house that we received permission to plow and cultivate, so we'll be growing in three times the area that we worked in last season.

Early in the spring, after a dramatic structural failure, we found ourselves without a greenhouse to house our quickly growing brood of seedlings. After a long few weeks of moving 60+ trays indoors to our guest room every night, and then back outside every morning, we fortuitously partnered with a neighbor farmer and friend RoJo Farm to assemble the high tunnel he had but didn't have space for. The new high tunnel is a dramatic improvement over our old greenhouse and will allow for productive fall and winter growing. The nights are still cold and the days are very dry, and the seedlings require constant monitoring, but the weather has slowly fallen into line and we're out of the proverbial woods - everything is happy and growing by the hour.