We grow organic flowers for many of the same reasons that we grow veggies: to cultivate a deep connection to the earth, to be a positive force in our local economy, to live seasonally, and to nourish whole people. We’re proud to be a part of a growing movement away from industrialized flower cultivation and towards a privileging of fresh, seasonal, and sustainably grown flowers in regional ecologies.  

That said, we also firmly believe that ‘because they are beautiful’ and ‘because they remind us to slow down’ are good enough reasons. In our world, in which the primacy of speed and permanence are at odds, flowers are fleeting and gentle markers of time. The complex geometry of their growing habit, the precise gesture of a stem, the subtle variation in color, and the conditions under which they bloom are complex variables that remind us to look very closely at each tiny little secret that a flower tells - about the earth, the soil, the seed, our agricultural memory.

Towards that end, and in constant feedback with our veggie growing operation, we work hard to grow an ever-expanding list of unusual blooms. Every year we make new investments in our organic perennial stock, forage our surrounding countryside for native wild foliage, and test new and unexpected colors and textures in our arrangements and bouquets. While we love working with event and wedding designers to craft their seasonal visions, we are equally committed to bringing exceptional bouquets to market all season long so that the lush and unusual beauty of our organic flowers can live on in the homes of our loyal market customers.

In turn, you, our loyal customers, are using your spending power to vote against the international industrial flower market - which is less regulated than industrial food and more harmful to the health of our planet and the people that grow them. Instead of being chemical laden, mass produced, and imported from thousands of miles away on refrigerated airplanes, our flowers are healthy, unique, seasonal, lovingly harvested and arranged by us, driven to you in our ratty old van, and always Certified Organic.