May 2018


You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Four Root Farm blog writer was fired months ago. In actual fact, the farmers miraculously haven't fired me yet mostly because they are too busy to be anything but tolerant of my extremely delinquent blog writing. There have been many exciting developments on and off the farm this spring that have us all feeling weary, optimistic, exhausted, sore, happy - but have nonetheless kept a blog update midway down my ever-lengthening list of things to do, never getting further from the top but also never getting done. 

But I'm ducking my head into this oft-neglected blog on a moody foggy mid-spring day to provide the quickest of updates. Like some minor miracle, the trees have leaves! The baby is now a child that says many hysterical and very wise things! The fields are filling every day with straight rows of small plants. Tulip season is already behind us, phew, thank goodness, oh my god it was crazy they all bloomed in one week. We are midway through our biggest construction project to date. The wet spring is bordering on too wet, with more rain in the forecast.

All is crazy busy happy chaos on our verdant and muddy little patch of earth. Come to one of our markets to stock up on the early spring greens, radishes, and plants for your garden!