Summer Solstice

Here's hoping that the summer solstice finds you well! The longest day of the year was yesterday, and we made sure to savor all fifteen hours and six minutes of sun. The veggies are enjoying the long hot days, growing fast and healthy, and we've finally worked out the majority of our market schedule for the summer. Click through to our markets page for updated details. 

It was a sweltering and misty 80 degrees by 7 am last week.

We're ramping up into the breakneck pace of high summer - harvesting summer crops as quickly as we can plant fall ones, going to countless markets, and hardly ever sitting still. This is the time of year when a pint of strawberries, a fistful of arugula, and a few peas is a totally legitimate dinner and a shower at the end of a sweaty day starts to seem increasingly optional. We're grateful for the warm evening breeze, the swarms of dragonflies that circle the barn hunting mosquitos, and cold beer.


In the fields, the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants are settling into their new earthly beds and, despite some suspicious deer munching, are getting bushy and full and fat - just how we like them. Summer squash is about a week out - prepare yourself. We're growing all sorts of weird varieties for you this year. 

Our very own TomatoLand.

Yes, let's consider it a late June miracle... CAULIFLOWER! We could hardly believe it ourselves, but it's true. Cauliflower was the very first thing we planted outside in mid-March, and our eagerness has been rewarded a thousand-fold in the form of little, tender, delicious heads of cauliflower in June. And they said it couldn't be done! If there's one thing to remember about the team over here at DF it's this: we love love LOVE cauliflower. 


More new pictures, posted here.