Memorial Day Weekend

The first harvest of each crop is always the most delicious, the most beautiful, and the most nourishing, and we're (oh so happily) in the late spring season of many first harvests. The first bok choi is especially crispy, the first flower is especially colorful, the first hakurei is especially creamy. We're honoring each and every first, by admiring and then eating them. 

The first flower, a cosmo of course.

Strawberry flowers, green strawberries growing by the day.

The chickens are happy it's spring too, apparently. 

Broccoli raab

Chinese Broccoli

Chinese Broccoli

A carrot germination experiment. 

Chard and kale gets uncovered.

Ginger goes in the high tunnel.

Garlic forest. We're checking for scapes every day, as they seemingly grow by the hour.

Hakurei turnips

Hakurei turnips