Located on 13 quiet acres in East Haddam, Connecticut, Four Root Farm is a small and diverse Certified Organic vegetable and cut flower farm. We are committed to growing nutritious, delicious, and highly unusual produce. The farm is owned equally by its four farmers: partners and best friends who share a common vision for a business model that sustains our community, our land, our selves, our soil, and our food system. 

Now entering our fourth season on this land, we are cultivating approximately five acres of vegetables, cut flowers, and berries. The farm is sheltered by deep forest in all directions, and has been a farm in some form for at least the last three generations. As far as we know, blueberries and honey were the main outputs in the farm's previous iteration. Though the land was largely dormant when we bought it, it is home to a productive group of blueberry bushes (which are significantly older then any of us) and a few aging apple trees in an orchard that we're in the process of rehabilitating. 

Our region of central Connecticut is home to a number of other great farms, and some rich folklore. A localized geological condition regularly generates countless tiny earthquakes, which sometimes make the hills moan and howl - called the "Moodus Noises", these earthquakes were the subject of many myths and legends during the colonial era, and we're fascinated. According to our neighbors, we shouldn't be alarmed if it sounds like there's a freight train barreling through our fields - it's just the Noises. Noted.

Our farm business was originally located at the Thomas Darling House in Woodbridge, CT, and called Darling Farm. For three years, from 2012 - 2014, we grew vegetables on land that we rented from the town. We are extremely proud to have successfully made the transition to farm ownership and to be building on what we started there.

Photo by Andy Heist

Photo by Andy Heist


In addition to salad greens, cucumbers, kale, and other staples, we grow the fringe stuff. Shishito peppers, ghost chilis, chicories, thai basil, fairy tale eggplants, a rainbow of gnarly tomatoes - the weirder, the better. We’re endlessly fascinated by the beautiful shapes and colors and tastes of heirloom and uncommon veggies, and recognize the high price that our ecosystem, our health, and our food system will pay if those varieties are lost. Though it takes time, a rigorous organizational strategy, an affinity for experimentation, and a sense of adventure, we’re committed to growing a unique and varied crop of highly unusual, and highly delicious, veggies for our customers and for ourselves.

We love eating what we grow just as much as we love the process of growing it. We’re always committed to trying new preparation techniques and recipes as our relationship to our food deepens and grows, and we’re always excited about sharing that knowledge with our customers. Please check out the index below for what we’ve learned over the years of eating mostly plants we grow ourselves, including all of our most delicious and most reliable recipes.

For a calendar of what you can expect at the market across the season, click here.