Our Market Share program is a hybrid selling model that combines what we think are the best parts of the traditional CSA program and the farmers' market. Our hope is that in this way we can provide a uniquely tailored product for our customers while also getting the upfront infusion of funds each season that allow us to keep growing. 

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a model in which customers pay upfront for a season's worth of produce. Receiving the money in the early part of the season allows us, your farmers, to make the necessary investments in seeds, infrastructure, equipment, and field prep for the upcoming season. It also allows you, our shareholders, to take on a small share of the weather-related and pest-related risk of farming by offering your support to us before we've put seedlings in the ground. In return, our customers get a year's supply of the freshest and most delicious vegetables at a great value.

In a traditional CSA, customers receive a box of produce each week with little or no choice in what they are getting. This can be great for people who want to try new things, be encouraged to eat more seasonally, and enjoy the adventure of having their weekly menu planning dictated by the season and their farmer's preferences. However, we know there are some who might want to be involved in the life of a small farm, but also want to maintain the choice of getting to shop for themselves.

This is what we hope to provide with the Market Share program. Shareholders still pay upfront, but instead of getting a weekly share, they spend down their account over the course of the market season. (Please be aware that if your credit is not used up by the end of the season, the remainder cannot be carried over or refunded. We'll try to keep you posted throughout the season about how much is left on your account so that you can pace your spending accordingly.)

When/Where: The 2018 Market Share Program will be available at each of our three major Farmers' Markets: Madison on Fridays, Wooster Square on Saturdays, and Edgewood Park on Sundays. For planning purposes, we'd appreciate you letting us know which market you are likely to shop at most frequently, but you may use your share at any market, including anywhere else we may end up selling throughout the season. Please see the Where to Find Us page for more information.  

How much: The cost of a Market Share is $500, but as a thank you for committing your money upfront, you will be credited $550, an extra 10%, to use over the course of the season. Spread over the approximately 40 weeks we anticipate attending markets, the Market Share comes out to be $13.75 per week. That said, the joy of this program is that you can spend your credit in whatever increments you find most beneficial. (If you want to blow all your credit on sungold cherry tomatoes in early August, go for it! We won't judge!)


How do I sign up?

We are currently accepting $50 deposits to reserve spots in the 2018 Market Share Program. The balance of $450 will be due early next year.

If you are a current Market Share member, we will hold your 2018 spot until December 17th, 2017. If you are not a current member, we have a few additional open spots, which are first come first serve. In the event that there is more interest then we have room for, we will create a wait list for any unclaimed spots following December 17th.

Deposits can be paid with a credit card via our online shop, by cash, check, or credit card at the remaining Wooster Square and Edgewood Park markets, or by mail by sending a check to: Four Root Farm, 257 Tater Hill Road, East Haddam, CT 06423.

As always, please feel free to reach us with any questions at fourrootfarm@gmail.com.